December 2011 Newsletter

Green Sky Textiles Newsletter

Dec. 2011

Its been 18 months since Green Sky Textiles began Product Manufacturing in the USA (Erie, Pa). There have been growing pains along with improvements. I thought it time to share those “Alpha Sierra’s”(AS) along with our latest news and “Attaboys”. (AB)

(AS) Delaminations – We had a “Bad Lot” of adhesive early in the year which showed up on 2 occassions. The first incident was unfortunately during a customer trial period. I can’t begin to describe the embarrasment on our part. The second was actually a number of slight delam’s with one of our longest and best customers!! First of all, Delaminations are covered in our warranty for the life of the carpet. If this ever happens, please contact us immediatley and we will replace the carpet “free of Charge”. If you do not have a copy of the warranty, please feel free to contact us and we will email a copy. We also have changed vendors for adhesive which has eleminated gluing issues and incresed strenghth.

(AB) Revisions – We have continued to make improvements to our carpet and currently plan to release Rev. 4 first quarter, 2012. Rev.4 will incorporate a needled product which will not require the need for adhesive. This will not only elimante delamination issues permanently, but will also add to the wearability and life of the carpet.

(AS) Cleaning Issues – One of the biggest challenges to operators utilizing Green Sky carpet is realizing it is not a woven product and therefore requires a change in carpet cleaning procedures. If recommended cleaning is not followed, the results could affect carpet appearance and wear ability. DO NOT STEAM CLEAN OR USE HOT WATER EXTRACTION systems on Green Sky Carpeting. Vaccuming and using “Green Clean” bi-monthly will keep carpet presentable and provides microdial as well as anti-bacterial protection, preventing odors. Heavy cleans require pressure washing, which is easily accomplised by removing, cleaning, drying and reinstalling. (Remember: Green Sky does not shrink, removes easily and dries fast) Detailed cleaning instructions are available.

(AB) TSA Greenlight – After months of corespondence and communique’s with TSA, we have finally been given the “Green Light” on our See Thru cabin Dividers. We are the only supplier that can supply dividers and blackout curtains with art work and or graphics (Company Logos) and still pass required FAR burn certification.

(AB) Green Sky Interiors – We are proud to announce our new division, Green Sky Interiors. Mrs. Kris Smock (an accomplished Interior Designer) has joined our company and will expand our product line into the commmercial and residential interior markets. We have already provided artwork and sound dampening to a local sports bar, (using our carpet) and generated lots of intrest with Hotels and businesses for custom interior work. We hope to expand our services to include Gateways, Gates, lounges and ticketing areas for the Aviation community. We welcome Kris and look forward to her contributions!

(AB) Green Sky website – FINALLY!! Our website is updated and complete ! While getting the machines and production on line, establishing procedures and guidelines, our website suffered miserabally. It is now up and running and will be updated regularly. You should now be able to download information, view carpet samples and products as well as recent projects. Please feel free to provide your comments!

It has been a very busy 18 months, with both Highs and Lows. We believe we are now moving in the right direction and have our company goal in sight! Producing Quality,Lightweight, recyclable Textiles, that provide Fuel savings and one of kind custom cabin appearance.

Our Green Sky team looks forward to serving, designing, and exceeding your textile needs for years to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


Tad Jakes


Green Sky Textiles